The author and his work

"The Forest is Felo and Felo is the Forest", as Yosuán Palacio Ortega, president of the Marti Youth Movement, says, when he unites Rafael Rodríguez Ortiz "Felo" and the Ariguanabo Marti Forest.

The Forest has grown. It is a Mambi camp where hundreds of pioneers, wearing blue and red scarves, have planted the work of the Apostle, where the bell rings in the hands of women and men from Ariguanabo.

Felo, among its merits, treasures the Replica of the Machete of Generalísmo Máximo Gómez, and together with this Insignia Institution of the José Martí Society, the Distinction for National Culture.

Today May 19, 2020, the author and his work celebrate their birthdays. Also, the birthday of the most universal of Cubans, printed on each tree, on each stone, in the eternal space inspired by his legacy, the Ariguanabo Marti Forest.

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