EU rejects US threats against WHO

Brussels - This is a time for solidarity, not for finger-pointing or undermining multilateral cooperation, European Union (EU) spokesperson Virginie Battu said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Her words come in response to the threat made the day before by US President Donald Trump to permanently suspend funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In a letter addressed to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of the international organization, Trump said that if this body does not commit to what he called 'substantial improvements' in the next 30 days, the United States will cancel the funds definitively.

Such actions provoked Battu's reaction, who indicated that for the regional bloc, multilateral efforts are the only effective and viable option with a view to winning this battle against the new coronavirus.

During the World Health Assembly, which was held for the first time via videoconference, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres criticized the countries that ignored the WHO's recommendations and estimated that the world would pay a high price for carrying out divergent strategies.

For his part, President Xi Jinping assured that a possible Chinese vaccine would become a global public good and promised that his country would allocate two billion dollars within two years for the global fight against Covid-19.

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