Tobacco entity of Caimito over-fulfilled its productions to honor the tobacco worker's day

Artemisa, Cuba - The dangers posed by the Covid 19 pandemic do not undermine the will of the workers of the Ceiba Benefit Business Unit of the Tobacco Company Lázaro Peña, of Artemisa. In the midst of the current situation, its workers over-fulfilled their productive commitments at 24% by exceeding the plan till the present date with a sale of 3 million 624 thousand pesos.

Taking the necessary isolation measures and establishing protocols that favor the adequate cleaning of the process, guarantee that a selection process of the layer that contributes currency to the country's economy does not stop.

The Unit located in the municipality of Caimito demonstrates in its daily work that there is no difficult task when the effort is made. In this way they celebrate the Tobacco Workers' Day and between selection and selection of the recognized leaf of the best tobacco in the world, they reinterpret the phrase think as a country with the daily feat.

Translated by Lorenzo Raúl Alonso López

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