Options to spend the summer

July and August are, inevitably, the most summery months for Cubans, and although COVID-19 still appears as a danger, it will be necessary to accompany them with fun, walks, entertainment ..., without leaving the mask behind; reason  for the group exhibition  in Angerona Art Gallery, in  Artemisa.

Three well known graphic humor artists joined: Brady Izquierdo from Mariel  and Ángel Boligán from  San Antonio , together with  Arístides Hernández from   Havana, who from the universality of their skills  with art and humor, graphed how that small and utilitarian garment saves us from the pandemic that  has  killed millions  of people worldwide.

¨Humor with mask¨, comes to our gallery  to recreate, but without dissociating ourselves from the necessary thought in favor of individual protection. It opened its doors last Saturday with a minimum of attendees, rather I would say that among colleagues and directors of Culture, because it is not possible to crowd, but from Tuesday to Sunday it will be open  to Artemisa´s inhabitants  who want to spend the summer, think and laugh, always wearing the mask.

Denys San Jorge, director of the cultural institution, located at 33 street , between 50 and 48 streets , recognized the talent of the three artists, and of many others who were unstoppable in their work despite isolation, while inviting to feel in the exhibition a recognition to Public Health workers , who do not rest until we are safe from new coronavirus.

Together  with the opening  of Humor with mask , beaches, recreational and commercial entities in the province, including tourist facilities, they welcomed summer season, which with its own slogan  , carries a lot of awareness, Summer for life.


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The complex Simple Verses of José Martí

Havana - José Martí spent the hot month of August, 1890 far from New York City, in wooded mountains sparsely inhabited at the time, north of the homonymous state.

Thus, he followed the advice of doctors and friends, and while he savored that intimacy with nature, he took advantage of that moment away from his many daily chores to write verses. There, in the Catskill Mountains, he conceived the second and last book of poems that he would publish months later: Simple Verses.

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Cuban minister criticizes US media campaign against Cuban artists

Cuban minister criticizes US media campaign against Cuban artistsCuba's Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso criticized on Wednesday US media campaign against Cuban artists including the musician Alexander Abreu.

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Cuba's young violinist wins in France's online competition

Havana - Cuba's National Center of Art Schools highlighted here on Monday the triumph of the violin student Loreta Gonzalez, during the 2020 France International Online Music Competition.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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