Many heroes have appeared in Artemisa in these months of pandemic

Many heroes have appeared in Artemisa

Many heroes have appeared in  #Artemisa in these months of pandemic, recognized, or anonymous, of all ages, races and creeds. They are human beings who have said yes, who have stood before death and have said "You don't pass through here", for the good of others. Today Alejandro Lóriga Santos tells us about Laura.

Laura Sánchez Piñero is part  of the country's enrollment estimated at more than 110,000 Medical Sciences students in this school year. In her  hometown  Candelaria, she actively participates in “house-to-house” investigations: a strategy implemented by the Ministry of Public Health to detect people with respiratory infections.
I expected to find her  tired , with no desire to talk, or learning, as we usually  find future health professionals. But no. She was with her classmates  after delivering the daily report. You could see her smiling due to  her gestures and eyes, not for the smile that coronavirus forced her to hide.
Laura (21) never imagined being part of this humanistic feat led by white coats. It is logical; they are unexpected circumstances.

In the bibliography she has found the saddest scratches of our existence. She perfectly understands how to battle; however, the current situation has robbed her part of her strength to turn them into scares and tears that, she assures, will soon be just hugs, kisses, smiles ...

Her story is the same as that of other brave students  who stop their studies to face the virus. When they return home, even without being able to hug at that moment those who live with them, they feel redoubled pride for their mission, born fromthe soul.

“I started my studies in Artemisa, but I had to move. Today I belong to Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara University of Medical Sciences, in Pinar del Río. We knew about the virus. They brought us together and explained the need to go to our municipalities to carry out investigations.

“It was a voluntary and altruistic call; we were aware of that. I was afraid, because at that time not much was known; I thought about my family, worried about daily contact, until we received more information about how to deal with it.
“In March we started our contribution, every day, generally from 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon, and in the afternoons we recover the pending houses. Despite having isolation centers, Candelaria has not reported positive cases and, while the number of people visited decreased, we were able to enjoy a day of rest, " Laura says .

“We knew the effort the task would require. So we take steps to protect ourselves. I was assigned a large part of 31st Avenue, an area of buildings with a large population. You can imagine the tiredness, plus the support for my family and the study. It makes me  feel tired , it is true, but I think of the doctors who fight head on; So, I invent new drops of heroism for next day.

"Dealing with all kinds of people is difficult (she smiles). Still we ask and explain the ways to cover up when coughing or sneezing, and the necessary hygiene measures during the stages . We cannot enter the houses or carry out treatments for possible patients.

"Now I study pediatrics: respiratory system, pneumonia, nursing stage ... It is a bit difficult to learn without company: the teacher is not explaining to you, there are no patients ... it is difficult to understand. I prefer to do it in a group, but there is no other way.

“In social networks there are those who try to discredit the success of our reality. They discredit each job and attempt. It is nothing more than the contempt of those who do not experience these circumstances. Here we are because this is the future we choose. And I smile proudly, because students also faced it. ”

Laura anxiously awaits the specialties assignment , stopped by COVID-19. She calls for vertical anesthesiology, where she  will surely be brave and valuable as her genuine instinct to protect and save.

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