Computing club: Learn and grow together

Daddy has always been a good learner. When others only watch documentaries, he is there looking for something to learn. One day he took a notebook and went out. My mom and I were surprised. He said he would go to take lessons at Computing club.

There was no computer at  home, but that wasn't going to stop him. For several months, certain nights he got  a bicycle and notebook in hand and went to the Computing  Club next to the Mausoleum of Artemisa. This is how he passed a Micro Operator course, and we along with him, because he always came telling his learnings.

At last, he came home smiling and with a degree. Like him, many graduated in those days; Cuban family entered the world of computing, hardly without computers  at  home. They had the proper  slogan : computers of the families were there.

Today, with a different reality, the Computing  Clubs are modern; they have better technology and welcome  children and adults. Thirthy- three  years after  its foundation , they are updated , because they extended their services to the community.

The Backpack project has been one of the incentives for progress and development. But, without a doubt, the Relexes  platform, already with 30,000 users and more than 700,000 monthly visits, gave Computing club  a greater range of service, beyond classes and computing review lessons .

However, there will always be teachers like Raudel Romero, who has taught people how to turn  on a computer and  programming for more than 30 years. Thanks to people like him, my father was able to teach me later, because Computing  Clubs are institutions designed to learn and grow together, where adding tutorials implies  training generations.


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