Cuba: Migration policy strengthens ties with its diaspora

Havana - The director-general of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Ernesto Soberón, affirmed  Tuesday that the recent measures favored nationals abroad strengthen ties with that community and facilitate the return of those stranded by the impact of the Covid-19.

In a press conference, the official said that the new measures benefit Cubans abroad for a short stay and cannot return for reasons beyond their control.

He explained that some 400,000 Cubans currently abroad still are considered to live in Cuba. Still, not all of them are desperate because many are staying permanently in those countries.

According to Soberón, a considerable number already have their passports expired or without extension.

"The measures adopted in the area of migration policy will always seek to strengthen the links between Cuba and its nationals abroad," he stressed.

In the diplomat's opinion, these actions facilitate the reunion of Cubans with their families and the safe return to their places of residence with the gradual normalization of flights.

"Although only about 12 hours have passed since the announcement, so far, we have a positive reaction from the Cuban community abroad," he commented.

He added that Cuba would continue studying measures in favor of its nationals according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation since Covid-19 has an asymmetric behavior in each country.

He recalled that in the case of those in the United States, the country with the largest Cuban population abroad,  many will benefit from this measure.

Also, Soberon considered that there is a favorable perception of the Cuban community towards a possible change in the White House restrictions on the island with the arrival of a new government.

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