Putin highlights Cuba's great authority in the international arena

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted on Tuesday Cuba's great authority in the international arena, verified the strategic nature of the relationships between the two countries and the development of cooperation in several spheres.

During a ceremony at the Kremlin in which almost a score of foreign diplomats delivered their credentials, Putin pointed out that Cuba is a Russia's safe partner and the bilateral cooperation has a strategic nature.

'Large projects are being made in the sphere of energy, metallurgy, transportation infrastructure and medicine, where Cuba, as it is known, has a leadership position in some areas, as well as humanitarian contacts are expanded,' the president said.

The dialogue between Russia and Cuba on current international issues is characterized by a high level of mutual trust, Putin said during the ceremony where new Ambassador of the island to this nation, Julio Garmendia, was present.

The head of State also referred to the challenges by the Covid-19 pandemic and highlighted the work his country has done to produce vaccines as Sputnik V, registered on August 11 as the first of its kind globally, and EpiVacCorona, to fight that disease.

The president expressed his country's interest that UN bodies get involved in the peace process in Nagorni Karabakh, included in helping the population and returning the refugees.

Ambassadors from Peru, the United Arab Emirates, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iceland, Israel, Montenegro, Gambia, Lithuania, Sri-Lanka, Finland, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican, among others, also attended the ceremony.

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro


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