Fidel Castro is described as an exemplary fighter in France

Paris - The Cuba Si France association today described revolutionary leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016) as an exemplary fighter at the service of his people and the world, four years after his physical disappearance.

In a statement to Prensa Latina, the solidarity organization created in 1991 affirmed that the statesman's legacy is imperishable because of his example of impeccable ethics, internationalism and peace.

'Four years ago a revolutionary of exceptional caliber left at the age of 90, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, a demanding thinker, skillful strategist and great builder at the service of his people and the world, who will continue to be a true treasure for his people, all citizens of the world and future generations, 'he stressed.

According to the association, the leader's work is so powerful that it inspires Cubans to continue the battle to preserve the revolution in the face of genocidal economic terrorism accentuated by the United States government.

His people appropriated his ideas and fight harder every day with immense courage, unity and dignity against the hawks of Washington, he said.

Cuba Si France specified that with the death of Fidel Castro the true revolutionaries of the planet lost an extraordinary thinker, guide and man of action, but find inspiration in his legacy of ethics, morale and patriotism.

'Studying his behavior, his thinking, his action and commitment, we can be better,' he insisted.

The French organization ended its statement with a tribute to the leader and with the phrase: 'I am Fidel.'

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Selected Speeches by Fidel Castro

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