The last goodbye to D10S in Argentina

Buenos Aires - With an extended vigil, hundreds of Argentines will say their last goodbye to Diego Armando Maradona today at the Casa Rosada (government headquarters), which will open its doors to the people to say goodbye as the great one that was.

There in the headquarters of the presidency, marked by the history of a country that reveres and cries, a long day is expected, with emotions on the surface as has happened for hours in this Buenos Aires where it did not stop raining at night, as if it were the great Maradona touching the sky, dribbling through the clouds.

It was from the balcony of that Casa Rosada that Diego was seen lifting the World Cup in 1986 and also very recently, when invited by President Alberto Fernández, he went out to the balcony once more to greet the people.

From 08:00 local time, funeral services will begin and a burning chapel will be set up in the same place where 10 years ago the Argentines said goodbye to former president Néstor Kirchner and also the great car racer Juan Manuel Fangio, in 1995.

It has been a very sad last few hours, with the lump cut in the throat for many when they try to believe that Diego died, they just try.

The images of fans crying touch the fibers, in the Obelisco, in Argentinos and Boca Juniors, or in front of the Casa Rosada, images for the story of a singular farewell to a man who entered eternity to become a myth .

'Olé, olé, olé Diego, Diego', 'Maradó, Maradó' is heard in the corners. The face of Pelusa on the shirts, the Argentine flags, the eternal cry of Diego make today the passionate and visceral Argentina turned into a very sad milonga.

Diego's heart stopped just at noon this Wednesday, almost ending a 2020 for oblivion, which also took away other greats of this country such as Quino, Mafalda's father, and the filmmaker and politician Pino Solanas.

The tributes have been replicated from his Villa Florito, where the fifth of the eight children of the couple Diego Maradona and Dalma Salvadora or Tota, as he used to call his mother, began his history, to the most distant and unimaginable cities of the world that come together in pain for his departure.

Of the most emotional moments so far, the day before when the clock's hands touched 10 o'clock at night, a long and closed applause for the D10S (stands for Diego, number 10 and the S to read 'God' in Spanish) resounded throughout Argentina.

With three long days of mourning, today another day of pain is expected and it is estimated that at least more than a million Argentines will give the last goodbye during the next 48 hours to Diego of the people, to the crack of cracks, to the one considered for many like the best footballer of all time.

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