Interdisciplinary care to grandparents in San Antonio de los Baños

Artemisa, Cuba.- Identified in all urban and rural popular councils the grandparents circles receive interdisciplinary care. A total of 15 circles are located near residential areas and receive attention from the agreement of the Municipal Department of Health and Sports, accurate María del Carmen Valdes, methodologist on San Antonio de los Baños,  physical activity.

Further notes that from the dispensation performing the medical and health nurse in each area grandparents are controlled for their inclusion in circles. The physical activity professor, after identifying pathologies made the exercise´s program to improve the skills and abilities to contribute to the life quality of the elderly, also activities for the coordination of movements, agility, concentration and memory are incorporated.

They also work with Yudith Molina, a geriatrician who attends the Elderly University and the 120 Years Club and the specialist Saily Sosa attending the program of memory problems and Alzheimer.

She also insists that given the aging population is necessary to systematize the coordinated work with all the factors that currently not unites all seniors in the grandparents circles.

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