On the way to a sustainable and prosperous society

The current economic model goes on, of course, facing setbacks and serve to improve that there are no recipes, the premise is the appreciation of the work as a guarantee for the economy efficiency in all spheres of Cuban society by the will of the authorities and the people's decision to continue to uphold the principles of the victorious Revolution on January 1st.

The economy as a whole view of efficiency in every job for sustainability and the prosperous future of our socialist society. Hence in every analysis of compliance plans shall deal by the top leadership of the country on the need to raise production levels, labor productivity, quality of services, increased exports, substitution import, rational use of resources and the introduction of computerization in all spheres of society to give safe passage and be in tune with the technology and infrastructure that must accompany the service of the construction of a prosperous and sustainable socialism intended to be.

Is of great importance for Cuban people an aspiration to build a socialist society, for it is progressively adopting measures for increasing agricultural production in the country, reducing food imports into the changes and updating the economic model so the call to win in economic culture, awareness and commitment from the recycling of raw materials, water and energy savings, increasing the innovative and scientific activity for development.

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