Brazil: Last Witnesses of the Defense of Dilma Rouseeff Testify

Brasilia - The last two witnesses summoned by the defense of Dilma Rousseff will appear today before the plenary one of the Federal Senate of Brazil, which takes forward the political judgment of the President for alleged offense of responsibility.

The ex-Secretary of the Treasury Nelson Barbosa and the teacher of Rights of the University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) Ricardo Lodi Ribeiro will be listened this Saturday when there is resumed the meeting suspended yesterday evening after 13 working time.

On Friday, another three witnesses summoned by the defense gave evidence and confirmed that the separated proxy did not violate the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, in a day characterized by the absence of most of the senators favorable to the cassation of the order of Rousseff, who also were refused to formulate questions.

The economist and university professor Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo, who intervened like informant and not like witness, underlined that it did not manage to discover in there coming from the president Dilma Rousseff any element that justifies the impeachment process in march.

It is very difficult to explain what is happening, pointed out Gonzaga Belluzzo, who was insistent on having told that - opposite to the exhibited in the accusation against Dilma - credit operation did not exist ningúna between the Federal Government and the public banks, but a fiscal operation.

'I accepted to come to bear witness here because I consider that the withdrawal of the President for the motives alleged (the signature of three decrees of budgetary suplementación and the calls pedaladas fiscal) is an offense to the democracy, he affirmed.

The teacher of Rights of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFJR) Geraldo Prado coincided with its predecessor with the absence of elements that sustain the existence of a crime of responsibility that justifies the cassation of the presidential order.

In similar terms there declared himself the executive ex-secretary of the Department of Education Luiz Cláudio Costa, who remembered that the emission of supplementary decrees for this portfolio is a practice adopted from 2008 as decision of the proper Court of Accounts of the Union.

For the next Monday the appearance of Dilma Rousseff is fixed before the plenary meeting of the Federal Senate, who anticipated that she will go there to defend the democracy and the legitimate interests of the Brazilian people.

Dilma will be able to realize an initial unproved statement of 30 minutes, extendable to criterion of the holder of the Supreme Federal Court Ricardo Lewandowski, who heads the indictment, and next every senator will have of five minutes to interrogate the proxy, who will be able or not to answer the questions that they formulate to him.

With posteriority the discussion of the case will begin with the intervention of the plaintiff, then the defense and later each of 81 senators, for a space of up to 10 minutes each one.

As soon as this stage was finished, Lewandowski will read the relatorio summed up with the elements contributed on the parts, before granting the word to two senators favorable to the definitive withdrawal of Rousseff and to two opposite ones to this decision.

The objective of the legislators favorable to the impeachment is that on August 31 there the electronic nominal voting in which every member of the Senate will have to answer yes or not to the question if he thinks that Rousseff violated the Law of Fiscal Responsibility.

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