Extremists Hinder Again Evacuation in Aleppo, Syria

Damascus-Disagreements and clashes between terrorist groups have again put an end to the evacuation process of the eastern districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo, military sources reported.

Similarly, another transfer of sick and injured, especially women and children, was stopped from the nearby towns of Foa and Kefraya when the terrorists prevented the departure of eight buses.

Another 62 transports were waiting in areas of the Aleppo neighborhoods of Zebdieh, Mashajad, Saladino and Ansari, but the elements of various extremist groups argued among themselves and did not agree to make decisions on the matter, the sources specified.

Meanwhile, negotiations were continuing to resolve the situation as representatives of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society succeeded in bringing back 21 kidnapped bus drivers, including two wounded and two dead.

In that sense, they denounced that the jihadists, about 2,000 still without leaving Aleppo, break all agreements, sabotage them and even some of them tried to escape with kidnapped and heavy weapons.

The sources also said that the extremists now demand to remove 10 vehicles or any other type of transport for each bus with evacuees, so all operations are stopped at the moment, adding that there is no confirmation on any foreigner detained by the Syrian Armed Forces as it has been reported in some social networks and media.

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