Peruvians Pay Tributes to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Lima-Various political and social Peruvian organizations today paid tributes to historical Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, after a month of his death, and to the Argentinean-Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara and the 58th anniversary of the triumph of the 1959 Revolution.

The tribute took place at the Trade Union of Workers of the National Bank, which Auditorium was exceeded by people of several generations and had as a keynote a speech by the veteran social activist Ricardo Gadea, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the commemoration, next year, of the 50 years of the last combat of Che Guevara.

Gadea highlighted the historical stature of Fidel Castro, 'because he managed to lead his people and bring it to the victory and imperialism could never beat him', he said.

He stressed the great friendship and companionship between Fidel and Che, whom he described as examples of ethics and morality, ' who should be present now that the world goes through a crisis not only political, economic and environmental but also of values. '

He warned that the imperialism has demonstrated that 'is capable of disappear countries whole in name of the democracy and the freedom' and 2017 will be a year of big fights in the world and, obviously, also in Peru.

Nicolas Noriega, recounted the memories that his father kept with the revolutionary leader, and his friendship with the remarkable revolutionary and scientist Hugo Pesce, director of the place, who welcomed him.

The Cuban consul in Lima, Andrés Oca, thanked tribute and read a message from the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio González, who stressed the importance of the 58 anniversary of the revolutionary triumph in the island.

'We evoke the trajectory of Fidel and know that his thoughts will follow chefs as the years pass as well as the image of Che emanates to all countries of the world; their legacies will remain'around the world,' said the diplomat.

Nicolas Picado, official of the Embassy of Venezuela, extolled the Fellowship reigning in the tribute, in which also is recalled to the ex-President Hugo Chavez.

He said Fidel, Che, and the Bolivarian leader 'are headlights that always illuminate and why it is important to remember them and having them present as an example'.

The tribute included a cultural part with the presentation of artists of progressive positions as songwriters Margot Palomino, Julio Humala, Kiri Escobar, Jorge million, Piero Bustos, Willy Barreto, Antonio Zevallos and others.

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