Many hands in each olive green uniform

The machines sound starts very early in the morning . From that moment on , seamstresses give life to Julito Diaz 114 Factory , in Artemisa, where for years they have been dedicated, basically, to elaborate the uniforms that Revolutionary Armed Forces wear.

Campaign uniforms for soldiers and officers and the ones for masking take shape in this entity, belonging to Ariguanabo Basic Unit Enterprise (UEB), where they also make sheets and mosquito nets for the Public Health sector, according to Anabel Torres , the director.

Although at times they do not fulfill the plan , there is enough stability in the fulfillment at the end of the month, given the regularity of raw materials and the commitment of 95 workers, especially the seamstresses, who have redoubled efforts to supply the lack of workers.

The story after each piece of cloth begins in the cutter, where they trace, stretch, cut and number the pieces of each garment. There, almost the only place where men can be seen, precision is essential, to make the most of the fabric, facilitate work in the rest of the areas and ensure that the final garment has the required quality and size.

After that careful work they go directly to two brigades, one for shirts and another for trousers, where in a series production each seamstress is in charge of one or more operations to gradually make the final product.

There, women like Milagros Martinez, Virginia Fernandez, Alina Acosta and Marielena Cruz, are responsible for uniting one by one the 33 pieces of the shirt and the 30 of the trousers, a work that, due the repetition, it can be said, they do it skillfully.

Machinery´s change has favored the work, and also the wage according to Resolution 6 benefits them, although not in correspondence with the effort made, says Alina, who has worked for two decades of work in the sewing area.

For three courses the entity has had an annexed classroom in Manuel Valdés school . Mayra Sánchez Márquez, a human resources technician, says that for six months the young women come and do their practices , but it has been difficult to convince them to stay here.

She is concerned about the lack of interest of some girls in learning the job , while others learn it and then become freelancers . "In three years only three have remained; The last course there were not any student ".

Such a situation puts them on alert, hence they call on interested women, with sewing skills or without them, but wanting to learn, to come to the center and apply for a job . Once there, they will receive training from the most experienced workshop seamstresses.

Until 4:30 p.m., and until later, depending on the demand, the sound of the machines can be heard.
Behind these, Artemisa´s women do the magic and turn isolated pieces into olive green shirts and pants to dress those who work in the defense of the country.


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