Ariguanabo’s radio amateurs celebrate the annual balance

San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa, Cuba - Committed to the Revolution, socialism and the legacy of their predecessors, Ariguanabo’s radio amateurs celebrated the annual balance.

Directed by its president, José Ignacio LLanes, the balance centered its analyzes on the participation of its members in activities for the defense of the homeland, the work of the Cuban Red Cross and the operation Babalu Ayé, as well as the role played by radio amateurs in sports and climatological events, in order to inform the authorities at the right time.

Some members were recognized with diplomas for their excellent work during 2016. Among them, the family composed of María Regla Salazar, José Manuel Durán and Maiko Durán Salazar, Manuel Jesus Concepción, José Ignacio LLanes, Santiago Izquierdo, Vladimir Camacho, Yusleidis Cobas and Reinaldo Proenza.

Ariguanabo’s radio amateurs reaffirmed their commitment to continue working alongside the people and authorities under the Marti legacy that "Man does not look from which side one lives better, but on which side is the duty."