Breastfeeding, a woman gratification

The World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from August 1st to 7th in more than 120 countries, in order to promote and support the physiological and instinctive act. The first year of life, is the stage of growth and faster development, so it is important to give the child sufficient and adequate food.

The first feeding is based on human breast milk, then it is supplemented by other provisions to meet the nutritional needs and achieve healthy growth and development.

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Valencian solidarity at Ariguanabo

Artemisa, Cuba - A collaborative brigade of 21 Valencian, mainly youth and women, visit The municipality of this week as part of San Antonio de los Baños as part of the the relations between Spain and Cuba.

The contributors performed maintenance work on the nursery school "Semillitas del 2000" in this town. The brigade works with some parents, workers and the director of the institution Maria Cristina Cruz Tabares.

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Lactar, una gratificación de la mujer.

La semana mundial de la Lactancia Materna se celebra del 1 al 7 de agosto, en más de 120 países, con el fin de  promover y respaldar  este acto fisiológico e instintivo. El primer año de vida, es la etapa de crecimiento y desarrollo más rápido, por ello  es importante proporcionarle al niño una alimentación suficiente y adecuada.

La primera  alimentación del ser humano se basa  en la leche materna,luego se complementa  con otras provisiones, para satisfacer las  necesidades nutritivas y lograr  un crecimiento y desarrollo saludables.

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Corporal posture

The posture we adopt depend on very important aspects like health and life quality. It is important to know that is influenced by various factors such as the individual personality traits, physiological characteristics, biomechanical and education also aware that these must maintain proper posture, is an aspect of health that can be learned and changed .

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Between strokes and traits: a message

Get our hands on a newspaper, a book, is the workers result who generally defies night and sleeping hours to produce news to the readers or history, adventure, romance and so achieve the print fill the greed of those who enjoy it, the mind always goes to whom he wrote, and never to anyone who works with the machines, grease and inks because printing strives to satisfy the most exquisite aspiration.

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The attention to the Fighters of the Revolution is prioritized in Artemisa

Artemisa, Cuba - More than 14 000 members of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in the province of Artemisa, receive a prioritized care for the Service Offices and the Institutions in the province.

About 2900 retirees receive the attention because they live alone, are suffering from chronic diseases, are bedridden or disabled, or are living in homes for the elderly grandparents.

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Cuban opera performs in United States

The amazing building of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts will host, February 13-15, the Caribbean version of the opera The Clemency of Tito, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Cuban president congratulates cultural Project 'La Colmenita'

Havana - The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, sent a message congratulating 'La Colmenita' (lit. 'The Little Hive'), a cultural initiative which has reached its third decade.

In a Tweet, Diaz-Canel called the child ensemble 'the soul of Cuba'.

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Book on Cuban doctors in the fight against Ebola

Havana - Some of the experiences of the Cuban doctors that treated Ebola in Guinea-Conakry, West Africa, are told about was presented in the International Book Fair in Havana.

'Living always on the 21st, face to face with Ebola' is the title of the book by Doctor Carlos Manuel Castro Baras, which tells the personal experiences of the 38 Cuban professionals who conducted their work in the territory during 214.

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