Ariguanabo institutions twinned with Marti Forest

Artemisa, Cuba.- Ariguanabo Marti Forest is active in the territory, weekly receive visitors from different institutions, entities and organizations.

A group of the Revolutionary Armed Forces toured the place that has events like the Granma yacht expedition or the meeting of Fidel and Raúl in Cinco Palmas.

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US Friends of Cuba''s Demand End of Blockade

Artemisa - Members of the US 46th Venceremos Brigade, on a visit to Cuba, demanded yesterday the end of the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed on Cuba.

It is time to put an end to the blockade; we need to end that policy which does not favor the Cuban people, Ana Miledys Rosales told Prensa Latina at the end of the official welcoming ceremony of the contingent at the Julio ntonio Mella international camp, in Caimito, in Artemisa province, west of Havana.

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Cuba and the U.S.A. Re-establish Diplomatic Relations

Havana, Cuba - After intense months of talks between the governments of Cuba and the United States, as had been announced, diplomatic relations between the two countries were re-established on Monday, at 12:01 midnight.

Coinciding with the date of the re-establishment of relations, at 10:33 a.m., the voice of a young officer of the Ceremony Unit of the General Staff of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces will be heard, and after the usual protocol the Cuban flag will be hoisted in the garden of the now embassy of the island to the United States, and the notes of the national anthem will be heard.

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Honesty makes the individual´s personality

Who we are? How do we act in our home? What criteria about ourselves? These and other questions have convergent points in the answer about honesty and quality, for being honest is to live in line with what we think, our behavior will reveal the transparency of being with others and ourselves.

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Children's Day: the best for them

Sunday is a special day. It is a day of leisure and if this third Sunday of July Cubans distinguish it as Children's Day, then we add the attributes of revelry, multiplied joy, excitement, happiness to be protagonists of multiple exploits with ingenuity and imagination.

In Cuba, children are incalculable owners of every inch of our country, are free from side to side, enjoy the right to education, health, sports, openly offer their criteria and the only exercise as citizens a free country learn to love and respect the flag and savor the delights of freedom through the glorious notes of the Bayamo Hymn, sublime act qualifies their lives at the beginning of each student day.

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Cuban opera performs in United States

The amazing building of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts will host, February 13-15, the Caribbean version of the opera The Clemency of Tito, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Cuban president congratulates cultural Project 'La Colmenita'

Havana - The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, sent a message congratulating 'La Colmenita' (lit. 'The Little Hive'), a cultural initiative which has reached its third decade.

In a Tweet, Diaz-Canel called the child ensemble 'the soul of Cuba'.

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Book on Cuban doctors in the fight against Ebola

Havana - Some of the experiences of the Cuban doctors that treated Ebola in Guinea-Conakry, West Africa, are told about was presented in the International Book Fair in Havana.

'Living always on the 21st, face to face with Ebola' is the title of the book by Doctor Carlos Manuel Castro Baras, which tells the personal experiences of the 38 Cuban professionals who conducted their work in the territory during 214.

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