On the way to a sustainable and prosperous society

The current economic model goes on, of course, facing setbacks and serve to improve that there are no recipes, the premise is the appreciation of the work as a guarantee for the economy efficiency in all spheres of Cuban society by the will of the authorities and the people's decision to continue to uphold the principles of the victorious Revolution on January 1st.

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Interdisciplinary care to grandparents in San Antonio de los Baños

Artemisa, Cuba.- Identified in all urban and rural popular councils the grandparents circles receive interdisciplinary care. A total of 15 circles are located near residential areas and receive attention from the agreement of the Municipal Department of Health and Sports, accurate María del Carmen Valdes, methodologist on San Antonio de los Baños,  physical activity.

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Were encourage voluntary blood donors in Artemisa

Artemisa, Cuba - In the area No. 18 of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution of the municipality of Candelaria took place the municipal closing activity of the day for the volunteer blood donor.

Jazmín Pérez Salabarría, coordinator of the CDR in this territory, informed that the area was chosen for the activity, as an incentive to donors and organizers who every three months guarantee more than 20 donations of blood.

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Artemisa will rise into higher steps

Artemisa, Cuba - The capital municipality of the province of Artemisa changes day by day. Various are the objects of work that make progress. For example the capital repairs in the movie theater Juárez and in the House of the Young Creator are some of them.

The theater will be transformed into a building with conditions for cultural presentations of all kinds: showing of movies, theater and dance presentations, concerts and others. It will be a place of cultural and spiritual enjoyment.

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Alzheimer, a challenge for the world

San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa, Cuba - The Medical Sciences Faculty in Artemisa province hosted the second course on Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders. The event was aimed to doctors, psychologists, nurses and researchers with work profiles concerning the issue under the slogan Alzheimer, a challenge for the world.

Al the meeting attended 20 prestigious scientists from research centers of the west and members of the Provincial Seminary of Community Care and memory disorders based in San Antonio de los Baños. This second course promoted the exchange of experiences in research related to this major health problem worldwide which is known as the epidemic of the 21st century.

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Attractive proposals during this summer for families in Artemisa

Artemisa, Cuba – At about 300 capacities of daily accommodations divided in nine facilities are available to the people of Artemisa, an option provided by the Business Unit (UEB) Accommodation, Food and Recreation of the province; with emphasis in the summer, for the relaxation and enjoyment of the inhabitants of the territory.

Attractive proposals will offer during the summer the motels Punta de Piedra, El Lago (recently renovated), Las Tecas, La Arboleda and El Recreo, also the Baracoa hotel, the campsite located in the beach Herradura, the villas El Mosquito and Victoria, all of them in order to provide the families of Artemisa the spaces where they can enjoy themselves with good service.

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Book fair to offer 400 new titles

More than 200 invited guests from some 44 countries will join capital city residents for the country’s most popular literary event, one that nurtures our spirits: The 29th Havana International Book Fair, February 6-16, with its main venue in the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, and set to travel across the country, concluding April 12 in Santiago de Cuba.

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Screenwriters of the 21st Century

The International Film and Television School (EICTV) in San Antonio de los Baños begins 2020 with a new course, the intensive screenwriting workshop for film, television and the Internet entitled "Screenwriters of the 21st Century"; to be held from February 17 to March 6.

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Cuba, a country with creative spirit

Las Tunas - Art education is undoubtedly one of the Cuban Revolution’s most significant achievements, and a treasure that must be preserved, which is why, as part of his visit to the province, the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, toured the Cucalambé Professional Art School, and interacted with students and teachers there.

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